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It looks like a PATH problem. You need to add the directory where the condor binaries are (something like /usr/local/condor/bin ) to your path. In bash you can do somehting like:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/condor/bin

after which it should work.


On 8/12/05, Natali Melgarejo Diaz <nmelgarejodiaz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello People, I am a Condor user in trouble, you see , i've been
installing this program but i always have problems. In the first
place, i use the condor_install perl script and follow the
instructions over the whole installation, in my manager machine, but,
so I do in the machines who aren't manager and only submit, But when I
tried to use the condor_q command in the condor user (yes I have a
condor user with all the priviliges) then it says that this command
doesn't exist, but I do this after I did the condor_master and
initialize the other condor daemonds. Excuse me my english but spanish
is my mother language  and I am very upset about this problem. Could
some help please!!  --

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