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[Condor-users] USB devices crisis...


 > The information at http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/kernel.patch.html doesn't look
 > very clear to me:
 > "While Condor version 6.6.8 and above is able to detect keyboard and mouse
 > activity with the above Linux kernel revisions, it is only able to do so if you
 > are using a PS/2-style keyboard or mouse."
 > We have Condor version 6.6.7. This seems to imply that our Condor will not be
 > able to detect keyboard and mouse activity even if we have PS/2 keyboard and
 > mouse? I guess this is not right, as we haven't had any problems until now
 > regarding keyboard or mouse activiy in PS/2 machines.

Or does it mean that with version 6.6.7 we are OK because USB keyboard and mouse
are detected? Actually I just opened a session in a Claimed/Busy machine with
USB keyboard at our pool and the KeyboardIdle variable got updated correctly and
eventually the Condor job was preempted. 

Angel de Vicente

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