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[Condor-users] stream_output under Condor 6.6.9 on WIndows 2k3

Title: stream_output under Condor 6.6.9 on WIndows 2k3

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out why I can't stream back the stdout.  Is this even possible on windows 2k3?  I didn't see anything in the documentations saying otherwise.  Below is my submit script.  I also can't seem to find any errors in any of the logs, so it doesn't seem to be a permissions issue.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.


universe = VANILLA
notification = Always
notify_user = froebes@xxxxxxx
nice_user = False
transfer_input_files = m:/data/bin/cathena/cat3_5d_rev1.exe,m:/data/bin/utilities/bundle1_02.exe,m:/data/bin/utilities/matrix1_05.exe,m:/data/bin/utilities/wgnuplot.exe,m:/data/bin/utilities/gnuplot_wrapper_perl.exe,M:/data/users/froebes/input/CATHENA/dead_end/deadend_after.gnu,M:/data/users/froebes/input/CATHENA/dead_end/DEADEND_AFTER_CATHENA_240.DAT,M:/data/users/froebes/input/CATHENA/dead_end/DEADEND_AFTER_THEORY_240.DAT,M:/data/users/froebes/input/CATHENA/dead_end/deadend_before.gnu,M:/data/users/froebes/input/CATHENA/dead_end/DEADEND_BEFORE_CATHENA_80.DAT,M:/data/users/froebes/input/CATHENA/dead_end/DEADEND_BEFORE_THEORY_80.DAT,M:/data/users/froebes/input/CATHENA/dead_end/dead_end.inp,M:/data/users/froebes/input/CATHENA/dead_end/position.dat

WhenToTransferOutput = ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT
stream_output = True

log    = dead_end_2005Aug23-1533.log
output = dead_end_2005Aug23-1533.stdout
error  = dead_end_2005Aug23-1533.err

executable = M:/data/users/froebes/results/CATHENA/dead_end_2005Aug23-1533/dead_end.bat
arguments =
environment =

+wwwowner = "froebes"
+jobname = "dead_end_2005Aug23-1533"
+app = "CATHENA"



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