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[Condor-users] What are the possible priority values?

What are the possible priority values?

And would it make sense to mention this range of
values in the condor_prio documentation?

Permit me to offer a bit of related miscellaneous feedback...
IMHO, it's a bit confusing to have "higher numbers corresponding to greater priority" (quoting the above URL),
but "A lower numerical value for user priority means higher priority..." (Manual sec 2.7.2).

In sec 2.6.4, and in the context of condor_prio, we read "For example, to change the priority of a job to -15...".
Is the assumption that the reader has first read
the condor_prio.html page? I humbly submit that that's not
a safe assumption, and the user is as often as not
able to understand what it means to change the priority to -15.