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RE: [Condor-users] condor job keeps running

> I have a user who has a got a scientific program written in C that
runs on
> windows which creates a  child sub-window/screen on the console when
> executed as a non-condor job. But when it is  run as a condor job, it
> stays in the running status. could there be any link to the generation
> the sub-window?

It may be a likely culprit.  I assume you've seen this:


The condor_ starter then creates:
3. a new, non-visible Window Station and Desktop for the job.
Permissions are set so that only the user account newly created has
access rights to this Desktop. Any windows created by this job are not
seen by anyone; the job is run in the background. (Note: Setting
USE_VISIBLE_DESKTOP to True will allow the job to access the default
desktop instead of a newly created one.) 

> Any help/pointer appreciated as I have been on this for about 3 weeks
> have run out of ideas.


Have you gone to the machine where it was executing and looked in
Condor's execute directory?  If the user's application writes some sort
of log file (or stuff to stdout/stderr) you may get an idea about what
it's doing or what it's stuck on while condor thinks it's running.

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