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RE: [Condor-users] What are the possible priority values?

> >> What are the possible priority values?
> Matt Hope wrote:
> > after this it is basically an int so 32 bit signed integer - +/-
> > 2Billion should cover you I should think...
> Is there a purpose behind not putting this in the docs?

It promotes friendly banter on the mailing list?
> Anyway, how does that work.  Does +20 have 10/2billionth
> (ie, practically non-existent) more priority than +10?

Not quite.

User priorities, which are automatically calculated by Condor on each
negotiation cycle, work like this: where a user with an effective user
priority (EUP) of 10 would get offered twice as many resources in the
system as a user with an EUP of 20.

But job priorities are just used to determine the order that a user's
clusters are negotiated in. So if I submit two clusters of jobs to the
same schedd but with different priorities in their submission tickets,
the cluster with the higher priority number will be offered any
resources assigned to me before the cluster with the lower priority
number. When priority numbers are equal the offers are made based on low
to high cluster and process IDs.

Hope that helps.

- Ian