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[Condor-users] Join Optena's support site discussion on September 07 at 8:00 a.m. PDT

It has been a few weeks since Optena launched the Condor support site at
http://condor.optena.com.  I am pleased to report that many of you have
found the site to be valuable.  We're quite happy with the traffic on
the site, I've gotten some good questions posted to the Ask Mike(tm)
section, and there's been some content contributed to our open Contrib
space.  But no matter how great things seem to be, there is always room
for improvement.

In the interest of providing the best possible support site for the
Condor community, Optena will be hosting a web conference on September
07 at 8:00 a.m. PDT to make sure that the support site is working for
you and to get a sense of what we could do to make the site even better.
I will be your host for this meeting. At the beginning of the conference
I plan to quickly go over the process of getting started on the site for
those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to familiarize
yourselves with the set-up.  I will then open up the floor to a
discussion about the site in general - what works for you and what does
not work.  I would also like to know what sort of new information and
content would be most helpful to you in the future.  This is your chance
to have a voice in condor.optena.com's future. To keep this web
conference highly interactive we have limited the seats to 9
participants on a first come first serve basis.

We are also launching our Condor/Optena T-shirt Giveaway contest series
at this web conference.  There are a few ways that you will be able to
get a T-shirt.  First, in the spirit of understanding the community
better we are asking for additional information about your condor
installation.  This information is not mandatory for attending the web
conference but it is mandatory for participating in the contest.  One
out of every 4 individuals who register for the web conference and also
provide the additional information will receive a T-Shirt. In addition,
all individuals who provided us with the additional information will be
included in another larger drawing for an IPod Shuffle.  We will
announce this winner on the Condor mailing list.

We are also launching a content contributor contest.  You will receive a
Condor/Optena T-shirt once you have made 5 valuable contributions to the
support website.  You can make these contributions either through new
pages in our Contrib space, or by comments in the main Condor space.
To register for our web conference, please visit the URL below:


I look forward to talking with you,

Mike Yoder
Principal Member of Technical Staff
Ask Mike: http://docs.optena.com
Direct  : +1.408.321.9000
Fax     : +1.408.321.9030
Mobile  : +1.408.497.7597

Optena Corporation
2860 Zanker Road, Suite 201
San Jose, CA 95134