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[Condor-users] Trouble with getJobAds in SOAP interface


I am trying to use the SOAP interface (Condor-6.7.10) with Python. I've got everything set up, I can submit jobs, etc, but
when I try to call GetJobsAds with a constraint that contains && it fails.

The docs for GetJobAd and GetJobAds say that GetJobAd(transaction, clutsterId, jobId) is equivalent
to GetJobAds(transaction, constraint) with a constraint of "(ClusterId == clusterId && JobId == jobId)"
Note: I have to use ProcId, not JobId because that's what the job's ClassAd contains

I can submit a GetJobAds with a contrainst of (ClusterId == clusterId) and it works just fine.
So do a constraint of (ProcId == procId). But when I submit a constraint
of "(ClusterId == clusterId && JobId == jobId)", I get back a None instead of a class ad, even though the operation was successful.

I can run condor_q -constraint "(ClusterId == clusterId && JobId == jobId)" without problems.

My suspicion is that url decoding of the && isn't being done by the Condor SOAP server, although that does seem unlikely!

Here is the Python program I used to test it;

from getpass import getuser
import sys, string, time
from condorSchedd_services import *
from condorCollector_services import *

class JobWatcher:
   def __init__(self, schedd):
       self._schedd = schedd

   def getJobAdTest(self):
       request = getJobAdsRequest()
       request._constraint = "ClusterId==156 && ProcId==10"
       response = self._schedd.getJobAds(request)

       print "Jobs"
       clusterId = None
       procId = None
       if response._response._classAdArray is None:
           print "No jobs matched the classAdArray constraint!"
           print len(response._response._classAdArray._item)

class collector:
def __init__(self, address):
self._address = address
collectorLocator = condorCollectorLocator()
self._collector = collectorLocator.getcondorCollectorPortType(self._address)

   def queryScheddAds(self):
       request = queryScheddAdsRequest()
       request._constraint = "HasSOAPInterface=?=TRUE"
       response = self._collector.queryScheddAds(request)

for attr in response._result._item[0]._item:
if attr._name == "MyAddress":
address = string.split(string.split(attr._value, "<")[1], ">")[0]
elif attr._name == "Name":
name = attr._value

       return name, address

class schedd:
def __init__(self, address):
self._address = address
location = condorScheddLocator()
self._schedd = location.getcondorScheddPortType("http://"; + self._address)
if __name__ == '__main__':
collector_url = "http://bosshog.lbl.gov:9618";
c = collector(collector_url)
name, address = c.queryScheddAds()
schedd = schedd(address)
jw = JobWatcher(schedd._schedd)
print "getting job ads"