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[Condor-users] To set dynamic limit on the jobs on condor

Hi Nick and others

Can you help in the following scenario.

I have got 20 jobs. All the 20 jobs are to be "compiled" and "run" there fore total no. of execution are 40.

Noe run part has to be executed after the completion of the compilation part i.e. after the 20 compilation, 20 run should start.

Now the cluster is having say 5 cpus

so at the compilation time no problem as it will take 4 submission to compile the 20 jobs.

Now here what I want is when it comes to the submission of 20 run jobs, out of which say 5 has been submitted to the 5 cpu's and the next 5 jobs of the remaining 15 will keep on pinging/asking  the cpus to check whether it is free or not to submit the next lot of 5 jobs.

So here it get the processing power of the cpus a bit slow as it has to respond and tell that "No I am not free, the job is till running on me".

So my question is : Do we have some kind of mechanism where we can control or limit the submission of "run" jobs insuch way that when the initil 5 jobs get over then only the condor should contact the cpu's for the submission of the next 5 jobs, instead of constantly enquiring about the for the idleness of the cpu (so that  it may not keep on ping)

Condition is : We cannot limit the job numbers on the hosts.

Please advise on this.

Thanks and Regards
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