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Greetings Condor Enterprise Users.
If you are a business user of Condor you may be interested to learn that an effort is underway to form a Condor Enterprise Users Group. The goal of this community is to:
1. Focus on the unique needs of enterprise/commercial/business users of Condor
2. Share best practices in the enterprise Grid computing space
3. Collaborate on Condor features needed to better support the enterprise space
4. Discuss ways to support the Condor project for enterprise-focused activities
To facilitate dialog within this group, the Condor Team has graciously hosted a special listserv for this purpose. The listserv is called condor-eug. You may learn more and subscribe at http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/mail-lists/
If you are interested in joining this community, please subscribe to the condor-eug listserv. Note that no Condor technical support will be provided via this discussion group. It will be used only for the purposes described above.
In a couple of weeks, a detailed introduction and collaboration plan will be communicated via the condor-eug listserv. Initial plans consider a conference call in late Janary 2006. Additionally we expect to host a Condor Enterprise Users Birds of a Feather session at the 2006 US Condor Week, currently scheduled for the week of April 24, 2006.
As a four-year user and advocate of Condor for Enterprise Grid Computing, I look forward to working with this new community. If you would like to discuss additional ideas for the group, please feel free to contact me directly.
Brooklin J. Gore
Senior Fellow, Advanced Computing
Micron Technology, Inc.