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RE: [Condor-users] Re: which mpi is used ?

I did some tinkering this time last year with MPI + condor, so forgive me if
my knowledge is a bit rusty.

> > Link your job with MPICH 1.2.4 for the ch_p4 device. Condor does not

Make sure you are using 1.2.4 (or I think 1.2.3), but NOT 1.2.5

Also, only ch_p4 is supported.

> Just did so. The problem stays the same. is there any configuration
> needed for this 'rsh' ? It doesn't seem to do anything:

There used to be an RSH configuration value in the config files, I don't
know if it is still needed. Something like:

Have you set things up with a dedicated scheduler as described in the manual?