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[Condor-users] quoting of globusrsl string ?

Hi condor-users,

I use Condor the folloing setup with success:

Condor-G(6.6.8) ==> gt2.4.3 ==> condor-cluster(6.6.8)    (LINUX)

Now I added some WINNT51 workstations to the condor-cluster.

I created the the job-manager-condor-INTEL-WINNT51 and 
job-manager-condor-INTEL-LINUX files and the servicefiles as described in 
the documentation.

I tested this configuration from the local  condor-cluster and all works 

Universe = vanilla 
executable = run_script.$$(ARCH).$$(OpSys) 
Requirements = (Arch == "INTEL") && ((OpSys == "LINUX")|| (OpSys == 
queue 20 

The next step: I want to submitt the job with the central condor-g 

Universe = globus
executable = /Projekte/Grid/run_script.$$(ARCH).$$(OpSys) 
GlobusRSL = (condorsubmit=(universe vanilla)(nice_user true)) 
globusscheduler = su210042.sha.vrkw.de/jobmanager-condor 
queue 1 

==> don't submitted error: unexpected response  remote server must speak 
GRAM 1.6 ==> held

Universe = globus
executable = /Projekte/Grid/run_script.INTEL.WINNT51
Requirements = (Arch == "INTEL") &&  (OpSys == "WINNT51") 
GlobusRSL = (condorsubmit=(universe vanilla)(nice_user true)) 
globusscheduler = su210042.sha.vrkw.de/jobmanager-condor-INTEL-WINNT51 
queue 1 

==> started at the linux boxes 

Then I want the requirements path to globusrsl:

GlobusRSL = (condorsubmit=(universe vanilla)(nice_user true)(requirements 
(Arch == "INTEL") &&  (OpSys == "WINNT51")))

but parsing errors occurs.

The question is how to quote  (Arch == "INTEL") &&  (OpSys == "WINNT51") ?

or what is the right GlobusRsl string or submitfile for this job.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen/kind regards
Siegfried Göricke