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Re: [Condor-users] problem submitting a job

Well unfortunately I do have a globus grid, which is what we hope to get running. Im just the Systems Admin who was given the job to get it all running in conjunction with 7 other Universities. One of them is already running globus and sent instructions to us, which just dont quite work right. So Im going through all of their exercises and trying to get them to run. This exercise has the universe set to globus which should work....but it dont. Globus seems to be running ok but not knowing much about globus its hard for me to test. We can run globus with other commands like managed-job-globusrun etc etc and they run fine, but not by submitting through condor.

So I gather from your comments that if we have a globus grid we should be able to set the universe to globus then ...correct ??

Matt Hope wrote:

On Thu, 03 Feb 2005 15:08:00 -0500, Darryl Cook <dlc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

well I finally got it to run by changing the universe from globus to
vanilla. Not sure what that means really but it works :-)

Why on earth were you using a globus universe if you don't have a globus grid?

When trying to test a pool start with the supplied examples in the distribution
(printname being a very good start)

Globus is solely for use when trying to interoperate with globus.

Standard is how condor works best if you can relink your code and you
only run on unix (or to be more exact a particular subset thereof)
This gives you checkpointing support out of the box so to speak

Vanilla is the most simple, run anything with no special features (no
checkpointing unless you jump through many hoops and do it yourself)

Java is similar to vanilla but for running java jobs.

If you haven't found this out yet you need to reread the manual...
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