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[Condor-users] unable to submit or query jobs

I had a smoothly functioning condor setup until this morning. I had been running 200 dagman jobs but this morning, there were some problems with our nfs server. Both the condor installation and the job submit directory are on the nfs filesystem. Since then, I can no longer submit or query jobs. If I do condor_q, it never returns. If I submit a new job, it gets to "Submitting job(s)" then does not return. Other commands such as " condor_reconfig -schedd" and "condor_reschedule" don't return as well. I have restarted condor as well as rebooted the machine. The only errors in the logs are in CollectorLog of the type

DC_AUTHENTICATE: attempt to open invalid session condor:1266:1107387904:2996, failing.

What can I do to purge the system of whatever is blocking it?
I am running condor-6.6.7.

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