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RE: [Condor-users] need help ! condor-G and RMS

Hello Amun,

Do you have installed a globus GIIS service, with each node of you overall
system reporting to it? If so then you may be able to use a perl based
resource broker I have developed to sit on top of Condor-G.

Email me offline for further details.



Dr. David Wallom
Operations Director
Centre for e-Research Bristol
Rm 4.56
H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory
Tyndall Avenue

Tel +44 (0)117 928 8769

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Hi everyone!!!

As Condor-G is considered to be a submit machine only, it is at the top of 
Globus. But please tell me do I need a "Resouce Management System", if i 
need condor-G with Globus. If no need then WHY?, If it is needed then please

suggest me any Free, Open source and platform independent RMS.

Waiting anxiously for reply !!!

Amun Noreen

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