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I have also a cluster with Windows Servers. In my application I need too many input and output files. Perhaps you can use some shared folders or UNC-directories?
In my configuration I use in the job.sub file the PATH variable for all needed directories on my server (also with UNC). The executable file is a batch-file job.bat. In the batch-file I connect the client with some needed shares (that's should be used by the condor-reuse-VM1 user).
So I don't need to transfer many input files. The condor clients work with an exe-file (called in the batch-file) from the shared folder and use a lot of libraries I have quoted in the PATH variable.
All needed applications I have only on one server installed.
So I have only 3 files to transfer: the SUB-file, the batch-file and a little xml-file with a lot of settings used by my application. 
So it works very fine.


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I am a new condor user, I have installed Condor 6.6.7 on my windows machines. I am using vanilla universe for the moment,
My application needs two directories(with many files) to be executed.I want to ask how to transfer them in order to execute the application on the remote machine.
NB: we have to keep the same structure of the directories else the application will not execute.

I am waiting for your reply,
Thanks in advance.
--Ramzi Khaskhoussi

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