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[Condor-users] parsing user log, getting Condor ID

from a Python program I'm parsing the Condor user log to get the IDs of the jobs submitted by Dagman.
I need those IDs to ask condor_q and condor_history about the status of those jobs

The IDs (in the VDT used by gce-client) once had 3 numbers, now 2.
2/4 18:24:06    assigned Condor ID (2.0.0)
now is
2/3 15:27:47 	assigned Condor ID (2.0)

I don't know if this is due to configuration or version changes.
Independently from that, I'd like my program to work with both.

Which is the correct way to parse the Condor ID?
Should I get whatever string is between parenthesis -without any assunption-, only the first number, the first 2?

Thank you,