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Re: [Condor-users] about condor-g to globus to condor problem

"Carson Hung" <carson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Does anyone notice any problem about this submission file? 

yes, get rid of that 'globusRSL' line in your submit file below.  There is no 'condor' universe...  Since you are submitting ls, i assume you want globus to submit the job as a vanilla universe job.  That should be what you will get by default if you simply remove the line from the submit file below.
Hope this helps you out.


Todd Tannenbaum, Condor Project
Department of Computer Science, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison

or any setting
>about condor-g will affect the condor queue after globus gatekeeper?
>Thanks for any suggestion,
>> Hi,
>> I have tried submitting jobs using condor-g to globus to condor.
>> I was able to submit jobs by using globus-job-run.
>> but when I try using condor-g, it fails.
>> the submit file is:
>> executable = /bin/ls
>> transfer_executable = false
>> universe = grid
>> grid_type=gt2
>> globusscheduler = pc-0242.eee.hku.hk/jobmanager-condor
>> globusRSL = (condor_submit =(universe condor))
>> output = file6.out
>> log = file6.log
>> queue
>> Thanks for any suggestions,
>> carson
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