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[Condor-users] DAG - POST Script problem

Hello all -

Quick question regarding an error I've been receiving during
submission of a DAG job.  The main portion of the DAG executes fine,
it's just that the POST portion is not executing even though I've been
able to run it (it's a shell script) at the command line on the
machine that ran the regular DAG job.

However, I am receiving a error message in my dagman.out file for the
job that reads:

2/10 11:36:38 ERROR: failed to initialize condor job log -- ignore
unless error repeats

and it keeps repeating.  This message runs throughout the job, so I
don't know if it's necessarily tied to the fact that the POST script
won't execute properly.  I've also checked that the DAG is writing out
logfiles for all the jobs within the DAG, and it definitely is.

Thanks in advance.

- Brian