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RE: [Condor-users] condor_exec.exe on linux machine?


You cannot run a .bat file on a Linux machine. That's a Windows-specific
scripting technology. What about trying a shell or perl script instead? 

- Ian


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	Sent: February 14, 2005 11:19 AM
	To: condor-users@xxxxxxxxxxx
	Subject: [Condor-users] condor_exec.exe on linux machine?

	I am getting an error that we can't quite figure out.
	Here it is:
	007 (108.000.000) 02/14 11:15:09 Shadow exception!
	        Error from starter on cr-031.envision.purdue.edu: Failed
to execute '/var/condor/execute/dir_9837/condor_exec.exe condor_exec.exe
-rd . -s 12.0000 -e 12.0000 -b 1.0000 condorTest.mb': Exec format error
	        0  -  Run Bytes Sent By Job
	        65698  -  Run Bytes Received By Job
	I am submitting from a Windows machine to a linux machine. The
render node is a linux box.
	I have been messing with my job file and I can't figure it out.
Here is my job file (keep in mind that I have been changing it over and
over trying the smallest things.
	####JOB DESC####
	Universe = vanilla
	Executable = lRender
	environment = MAYA_LOCATION=/usr/aw/maya|HOME=/tmp
	output = cr.out
	log = cr.log
	error = cr.err
	notification = Never
	##requirements = (OpSys == "WINNT51") && (Machine ==
"hood.ics.purdue.edu") || (Machine == "stew102mon1.ics.purdue.edu")
	requirements = (OpSys == "LINUX")
	## NEEDS TO BE USER ROOT DIR ON HOLD (Linux machines may have
trouble with the path)
	##initialdir = \\dollar.ics.purdue.edu\render_output           
	initialdir = C:\condorJob\render_output\
	transfer_input_files = source_files/condorTest.mb
	Arguments = -rd . -s 12.0000 -e 12.0000 -b 1.0000 condorTest.mb
	Arguments =-rd . -s 16.0000 -e 16.0000 -b 1.0000 condorTest.mb
	Arguments =-rd . -s 17.0000 -e 17.0000 -b 1.0000 condorTest.mb
	Arguments =-rd . -s 18.0000 -e 18.0000 -b 1.0000 condorTest.mb
	Arguments =-rd . -s 19.0000 -e 19.0000 -b 1.0000 condorTest.mb
	Arguments = -rd . -s 20.0000 -e 20.0000 -b 1.0000 condorTest.mb
	Arguments =  -rd . -s 21.0000 -e 21.0000 -b 1.0000 condorTest.mb
	Arguments =  -rd . -s 22.0000 -e 22.0000 -b 1.0000 condorTest.mb
	####BATCH FILE####
	I put everything in my batch file from: Render, mayabatch
-render, ./Render...
	I'm not sure if that is correct.
	Thanks again for any help,