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[Condor-users] Condor on Fedora core 3 (with patched and rebuilt kernel)

After consulting this group's archives and the condor web site regarding
condor on Fedora core 3, I have the installation to the point where it
will run jobs that are submitted from other machines in the pool, but
jobs that are submitted on the fedora machine remain idle (even while
jobs from other machines are running).

I edited the MEMORY variable in condor_config, since that was preventing
the startd daemon for starting in the first place.

I patched the 2.6.10 kernel source using the patches from the condor web
site, and built a new kernel, which is running successfully. (This
evidently fixed the inability of the stock kernel to report keyboard and
mouse events.)

On perhaps a related note, when I installed Globus 2.4.3, the post
install warned that I shouldn't be installing on a non-local disk. It
then said that this may be a false situation depending on the kernel.

Is the 2.6.x kernel just not able to work in a grid environment?

Denis C. Hancock, Jr
System Administrator, Research Support Computing
200 Telecom
Columbia, MO 65211
573 882-1722