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RE: [Condor-users] Forcing a job classad from config file?

> What I want is to force all job classads to (by default) take 
> on the value for MaxJobRetirementTime as defined in a config 
> file. Just defining a value in the config file does not pass 
> any value to job classads. Jobs just get truly preempted, 
> with no chance to retire, and restart later. I also tried
> this:
>     MaxJobRetirementTime = 3600
>     SUBMIT_EXPRS = MaxJobRetirementTime
> With, or without, the SUBMIT_EXPRS all job classads still show:
>     MaxJobRetirementTime = 0
> Of course, if MaxJobRetirementTime is explicitly defined in 
> the submit command file then things work correctly and jobs 
> retire as expected.
> Is there a way to make this work besides trickery with 
> wrappers or changing all submit files?
> Thanks,
> Doak Bane 

Hi Doak,

If, in your machine condor_config files, you place:

MaxJobRetirementTime = #

and do not specify a MaxJobRetirementTime in the submission ticket when
you send a cluster of jobs into the system. Then the
MaxJobRetirementTime for the jobs in that cluster will be maxiumum value
set in the machine's configuration file when jobs execute on that
machine. The value set in the machine configuration file cannot be
pushed into the ClassAd for the job since it only applies to a job when
the job begins to execute on that machine. The value can differ from
machine to machine. But it is available in the ClassAd for the startd.

You can use MaxJobRetirementTime in your submission ticket for a cluster
of jobs to decrease the time set on the machine from it's configured
value, but not increase it beyond that amount. If you take this approach
you will see a MaxJobRetirementTime setting your job ClassAd, but it
does not mean that is the retirement time of the job. It depends on the
job setting and the machine setting.

The details are in section 3.6.8. You must be using a 6.7.x version of

- Ian