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Re: [Condor-users] about submission jobs from condor-g to globus to condor pool

The automatic filesystem requirements are there to prevent jobs from
running on worker nodes that cannot access the job's working directory,
executable, and input files. For jobs submitted by hand, you can simply
tell Condor to transfer files back and forth between submission machine
and execution machine, in order to avoid the requirement of being in the
same filesystem domain. For jobs submitted through the Globus condor
jobmanager, you normally need the gatekeeper machine and the worker
nodes to have a shared filesystem (at least for the home directory of
the account on the gatekeeper that runs the jobs). To tell Condor that
you have such a common filesystem, configure FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN in
condor_config on all nodes that share that filesystem.

For more information on configuring Condor with respect to shared
filesystems, see:



Carson Hung wrote:

>I have tried submitting jobs from one remote machine to a machine with
>gatekeeper and central manager of condor pool using condor-g.
>However, the jobs are rejected within the condor pool and stated there.
>After I checked it with condor_q -analyze in central manager.
>I found that it has a strange requirement added automatically i.e.
>MY.FileSystemDomain == TARGET.FileSystemDomain
>I think this is the reason why the jobs are rejected. Can anyone suggest
>why this occur and how can I solve it please?
>Thanks very much for any suggestions.
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