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Re: [Condor-users] Re: Condor with MPI-over-ssh

Tobias Edler wrote:

Btw, when you compile mpich 1.2.4, are there any errors during 'make
testing'? If no, how did you do that, on what kind of system ?

I always get (Mandrake 10.0):
**** Testing I/O functions ****
c074 : So Feb  6 17:55:01 CET 2005
/tmp/mpi/mpich-1.2.4/bin/mpicc  -c simple.c
/tmp/mpi/mpich-1.2.4/bin/mpicc  -o simple simple.o
/tmp/mpi/mpich-1.2.4/lib/libpmpich.a(getpname.o)(.text+0x13): In
function `PMPI_Get_processor_name':
: undefined reference to `MPID_Node_name'


mpicc -o simple simple.o -lmpich

You shouldn't have to do this, but there you have it.