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Re: [Condor-users] question re: -maxjobs flag in DAGman

Brian Gyss wrote:
Is there any way to adjust the -maxjobs value while the DAG is
running?  For example, if I submit a 15 job DAG with no dependencies
with a -maxjobs value of 4, would it be possible during the course of
the job running to bump that value up to 6?  Is it also possible to
drop that value down to 3?

Short of stopping the DAG and re-starting it, there isn't currently a way to adjust the maxjobs throttle you specify -- but in principle, we should be able to make it (as well as the other throttles) into a condor config parameter rather than just a command-line arg, in which case you could change and reset it via condor_config_val, while DAGMan runs. I can't promise a specific date, but I'll put it on our roadmap for you.



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