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re: [Condor-users] multi-user question

Aurelien GROSDIDIER <aurelien.grosdidier@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Hi all,
>We're several users using condor 6.6.5 to dispatch jobs to about 50 machines. 
>Most of these jobs are "background jobs" (ie. 300 jobs of 5-10h each, low 
>priority), submitted by a single user (the user A). Other users (let's call 
>them B), want to be able to run "interactive jobs" (ie. 300 jobs of 10min 
>each, high priority).
>When users B submit jobs. As A's priority is lower than B, A's jobs are 
>evicted. From the condor manual, i read that this can solved with the 
>Also, as far as i understand, user priorities are linked to ressource 
>repartition, and are not able to change job ranks in the queue. Thus, I also 
>suspect that B's jobs won't be executed until the all the jobs previously 
>submitted by A are completed. 

the is not how it (should) work.
are you observing this, or just worrying about it?  If it is the latter, no need to worry.  The order in which jobs are submitted do not matter.

>In other words, is there any way to make sure that submitted jobs are added on 
>top of the queue (so that they are executed as soon as a machine is free), 
>instead of adding them at the bottom ?

dont think of submitted jobs in condor as an ordered queue  -  the Condor queue is a prioirty queue, not a fifo queue (except for mpi universe jobs).  Condor will resort the jobs based on user priority, and then again on job prio.  
>Any suggestions are welcome :)

if user A is cooperative, you could have him put
    nice_user = true
in his/her job submit file when submitting low priority jobs.  These jobs tagged as nice will always run last (they essentially specify this job should use a horrible user priorty factor instead of whatever is normally associated with that user).

Alternatively, just reset user a's priority factor with condor_userprio if you want to make all jobs from user a run behind everyone elses.

Does this help clear thing?


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