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re: [Condor-users] condor_off... doesn't

Billy Allan <billy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I've installed condor on about 50 machines here which run as a cluster
>in the evening and boot back into regular work-mode during the day.
>How-ever, if I try and play nice and shut down condor with condor_off -
>nothing happens.
>I've tried running a strace on condor off and nothing un-toward seems to
>be happening... other than it not working!  This is under SuSE9.2
>(Kernel 2.6.8, glibc2.3).
>Anyone have any ideas?  

realize the machine were you run condor_off must be listed in your HOSTALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR setting in the config file (to prevent just anyone from shutting off condor).

If you are impatient, try
    condor_off -fast
the -fast option tells condor to be more agressive, such as don't checkpoint the job before shutting down, etc.

Also realize that the condor_master will stick around after the other daemons exit in case you later wanna do  condor_on.

>How harmfull is it to simply pull the rug out
>from condor when shutting down?

shutting down nicely is always better, but in theory Condor should recover from any rug pulling.


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