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[Condor-users] Possible Limitation Condor vs Perl / IPC::open3

Hello Everyone,

In order to better manage 3D rendering process with our 3D authoring
software, I had to develop a perl wrapper which is designed to do the
following job

1) start the software using IPC::open3 call so I can process STDOUT/ERR,
detect important messages being printed during the rendering process
    to startup our 3D authoring software, it needs to execute a batch file,
which set up all the required env vars, then fires the .exe file
2) process STDOUT/ERR and trap messages like the current rendered frame,
render progression, possible errors
3) trap signals, then proceed with cleanup whenever possible.

Somehow, I can't get to work the submit using that perl script.

if I use the .bat file in the submit, it works ( not related to the batch
file )
if I use a perl script which does an infinite loop, printing dummy data, it
works ( not related to perl, perl install problem )
if I use my perl wrapper using the IPC::open3 call, the script runs and
exits with status 22, leaving stdout/err file empty.
I do know that IPC::open3 perl module do use fork/exec

Is there a know limitation about fork/exec on condor, running under windows?
the documentation doesn't mention about limitation for fork/exec in vanilla
I am not using checkpointing, I do know that folk/exec with checkpointing is

Any clues on what could happen?