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RE: [Condor-users] Possible Limitation Condor vs Perl / IPC::open3>>> PROBLEM was found, solution to be investigated

> I will see if by replacing the condor-reuse-vm1 user by 
> another local user, if that solves the problem.


Unless you really, really need to use a custom account for the execution
of jobs it's safer and easier to just ensure that condor is setting up
the environment correctly for the vm1 user and for each of your jobs.

If you are submitting from an identical windows machine as the one
you're running on you can tell condor to copy the entire environment
from your submitting machine to the remote machine by adding:

getenv = True

to your submission ticket. Or if you just want to copy a few environment
variables you can do so by adding:

environment = PATH|PERL5LIB

to your submission ticket. This would ensure that PATH and PERL5LIB were
set on the remote machine as they were set on the submitting machine.

The other option is to predefine an environment for that startd's on a
machine using the STARTER_JOB_ENVIRONMENT configuration setting. For
example, to ensure every job that runs on a particular machine knows
where to find Perl libraries and Perl you could set:


The downside to this approach, especially when using it for PATH
settings, is that you have to set EVERYTHING for the variable. You can't
(AFAIK) use it to just append to the machine defaults for these

Either approach is better than defining a non-auto created account for
job execution. Unless of course you need access to network resources
(like remote drives).

- Ian