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RE: [Condor-users] condor config on OSX - submitting machine "(null)"

>> ERROR "Assertion ERROR on (shadow->name())" at line 984 in file
>> jic_shadow.C

> This is somewhat of a Condor bug.  (I reported it awhile back...)  I saw
> it when our DNS was down, and the startd was unable to determine the
> hostname of the machine where the job was submitted.  The startd had the
> IP address, which ought to have been enough.
> I believe the solution is to make sure your OSX machine can do a reverse
> DNS lookup (IP->Hostname) of the submitting machine.

Ha, indeed. I messed around a bit with the /etc/hosts file and hardcoded
the IP in there and that seems to fix it.. (after restarting the network).

Thanks for the hint!

- Filip