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[Condor-users] web interface to condor


can't get a good answer to this from searching the web...

is there a really good web app that will allow me to monitor a small condor
network, and the assocaited jobs running on the network...

i'm looking to do a number of batch processing, running apps that are going
to take 2-3 hours to complete.. i'd like to be able to have an app that
starts running a process on a given machine, and then does a kind of
round-robin approach to starting the processes on the rest of the machines
in the network (5-10 servers) until each machine reaches a certain threshold
(cpu usage/process time/etc...)

i'd like to be able to point the monitoriing app to the servers within the
network, and have it 'monitor' and return the required information.

i'd like to be able to monitor each server, and get a list of the processes
that are being run/completed during the overall process....

additionally, i'd like the app to be able to determine if a given process
didn't complete, and to then run the process on another machine...

is there an existing web based/php app that does this kind of monitoring...



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