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RE: [Condor-users] Can Condor create more than one VM on singleprocessor machines?

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Hi all,
Am I mistaken in thinking that if I use VirtualMachineID == 1, thus using half of the RAM, I'll be using also half of the CPU power?
Does it means that processes from the owner can (potentially) run in that "second half" of the CPU power allowing Condor to run all the time? (Well, in certain conditions, if the load of the user is not too high).
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm not very familiar with HT technology.
This morning, after accumulating nearly 2 days of running time in my processes, I checked remotely the size of the file generated, and I was surprised to see it was only 44 MB. In a dedicated machine you finish the creation of the 610 MB file in 2 days.
I hope that this doesn't mean my process was started from the beginning each time it was interrupted by user activity, because that'll mean a serious showstopper for our needs... I specifically configured the machine to NOT migrate, and suspend the process to continue later (from the Windows install GUI).
Will check again after the process is interrupted and restarted. If the file size goes back to zero I'll cry for help in this list.

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