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Re: [Condor-users] Problems with final transfer of files

Nick LeRoy wrote:


What version of Condor are you running on what O/S?

We use linux. Now, we have just installed 6.6.10 (thus the low jobid, it was a clean install). We were trying with 6.7.7, getting the same errors, and wanted to rule out a bug in the development version.


This isn't the cause of the problems, but concerns me. If I'm reading the code correctly, this error means that the user/job log code couldn't lock the log file to log the error. Do you have a low file lock set on your system or some such? In general, you shouldn't see this, I think.

I don't know how to check the amount of locks the system has. Our /home is mounted via NFS, and I got some lockd (the daemon managing NFS locks) errors, that I think are related (even though neither the installation directory nor the local directory are in the NFS system). Anyway, as it didn't seem to be the cause of the problems (since this message happens often both in jobs that do complete and in jobs that don't), I didn't worried about it.


Now, this is where the actual error occurred. Knowing which version of Condor could help narrow down where it went wrong.

As I said before, both 6.7.7 and 6.6.10 over lnux.