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[Condor-users] dual-processor machine with 2 jobs assigned - but one processor is down?

I am still basically a newbie to Condor, but have been using it about 6
months in my Optimization research.

Recently I did a series of timing runs on a set of isolated, dedicated
machines (ie. I was the only user.) All machines had dual processors and
identical specs other than memory - but my jobs were not memory

>From reviewing the log, the first and third jobs were always matched to
the same machine. These two jobs always took twice as much time as the
others to finish. All machines were assigned two jobs, but this particular
machine was the only one to take double-time to finish.

My interpretation was that one processor was likely down, but the condor
matchmaker was unaware and continued to submit 2 jobs to the machine
anyways. Is this a reasonable interpretation? Is there another

 - Kelly