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Thanks for the help Andy.
That looks like it did the trick.  

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	Make sure that
	You have the domain if it's a domain account
	VM1_USER = yourDomain\condor_user_1
	VM1_USER = yourDomain\condor_user_2
	This took me a while to figure out...
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	Subject: [Condor-users] TRYING TO USE WINDOWS ACCOUNT
	I am trying to schedule a Windows Job from a Unix machine.
	I want to the Windows job to run using the account "condor_user_1" or
	"condor_user_2".  The Windows compute node has two CPUs.  The name of
	the Windows computer is "atc_windows".
	I am using Condor version 6.6.10.
	My condor_config.local file has the following:
	VM1_USER = condor_user_1
	VM1_USER = condor_user_2
	Here is the error from the Negotiator Log:
	DC_AUTHENTICATE:  attempt to open an invalid session
	atc_windows:460:1121094978:0, failing.
	I will also get an error in the StarterLog.vm1 log:
	Submitting machine is "unix_submit_machine"
	WARNING: init_user_ids() called with NULL arguments!
	Could not initialize user_priv as "(null)\condor_user_1"
	Make sure this account's password is securely stored with
	condor_store_cred on this machine.
	ERROR: Failed to determine what user to run this job as, aborting.
	Note:  I have run the condor_store_cred for both accounts mentioned
	Any ideas?
	Thanks for the help.
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