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Re: [Condor-users] Schedd Overloaded??


How are you queuing your jobs? Each time condor_submit runs it tells the scheduler to start the negotiation cycle. If you're running the negotiator on the same machine, this could cause trouble.

Here's a presentation that talks about using dagman to keep the queue down, and using SIGNIFICANT_ATTRIBUTES to help the negotiator:


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I have a remote schedd with 9000+ jobs.  The schedd is continually running at 100% cpu.  I am hoping to gain some suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of the schedd.  
Do I need to split the jobs between schedds on 2 or 3 more machines?  
Would it help significantly to move the negotiator and collector to another machine?
Are there ways to speed up the schedd so that it does not take as long to run through the job queue?
I am using Condor 6.7.7 with a nearly out-of-the-box config.
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