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Re: [Condor-users] condor_config_val doesn't set/retreive custom valuesproperly

filipdef@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :

>hi Matthieu,
>Don't forget to do a condor_reconfig after a condor_config_val.
>I never tried it with a master attribute, only with a startd attribute:
>condor_config_val -startd -rset "JCAE_READY = TRUE"
>condor_config_val -startd JCAE_READY
>should work (but going off of memory here, let me know if this still
>doesn't work and I'll look it up)
And once again, it was pretty simple, thank you so much.
Actually it doesn't seem to have recorded the attribute for the master, 
but for the startd or the schedd, it works fine.