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[Condor-users] Condor and ODBC/JDBC...

 I have an interesting question about using Condor and ODBC/JDBC applications.
 I'm using Condor to manage access to a large collection of servers running TB size databases, and executing SQL in a data warehouse environment. It's working great. ( 1000+ CPU's, 130+ TB Disk )
 Users can execute SQL, when ever they wish, and have access to the servers 24x7.
 What I would like to do have Condor also manage the execution of SQL that is submitted from an application that is connected to the databases via ODBC/JDBC. So, I can be running an application like SAS, Business Objects, or Microstrategy to name a few. Run a report, wait on execution, and then get the results back when the SQL is executed.
 The issue of 'waiting' for execution is not an issue.
 Can this be done with the current version of Condor, or has anyone done this before?
Paul Wolmering

Paul Wolmering

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