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Re: [Condor-users] Malformed ClassAd

1) Is it legal and/or advisable to try to have both job
execution slots from a startd, and a pool ad, in the same condor pool,
as I have above... e.g., condor_status shows 1 remote cluster and 4
cpu's on this machine

By remote cluster you mean Globus, right?

I probably wouldn't mix Globus resources and local CPUs. In the future this might work nicely, but I wouldn't expect it to right now.

2) what's malformed about the classad as included above?

condor_status considers it malformed if it doesn't contain the architecture (Arch) and operating system (OpSys) fields. If you do "condor_status -state") it will consider it malformed if it doesn't have the Activity field.

3) Is there a shortcut condor mechanism to have condor itself create
the classad for condor_g type matching.

Not right now--it's up to you and condor_advertise. Sorry!