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Re: [Condor-users] Non-spooling test job not working

On 7/15/05, Sean Looper <slooper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am trying to setup our environment to execute our jobs without spooling
> files.  My initial test is using echo and piping the output to a network
> log.  It doesn't seem to be working.  Any suggestions as to why?

Looks like you're on windows
Have you done a condor_store_cred -add ? (or changed your password
since you last did)

Note that the \\primary share will almost certainly not be accessible
by the execution environment since the user runs with no access rights
and no network connections...

You may have already dealt with this by hacking the local execution
user to be a proper member of your domain and storing the credentials
locally but I doubt it.

to make this work your script would have to add a net use with
explicit user name and password to your script (with a ; to separate
it from the echo)