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[Condor-users] stopping a startd on negotiator node (fwd)

I recently noticed that my node which was running the schedd and negotiatior was also running a startd. I changed the condor_config.local
file to eliminate the STARTD in DAEMON_LIST, and did condor_reconfig
such that condor_config_val DAEMON_LIST shows that it is missing
the startd. But the startd is still going. Can I kill
the startd without restarting condor? Or is there a nicer way to do it.
(There are 2 jobs still running on this node but I don't mind killing them).

Steve Timm

Steven C. Timm, Ph.D (630) 840-8525 timm@xxxxxxxx http://home.fnal.gov/~timm/
Fermilab Computing Div/Core Support Services Dept./Scientific Computing Section
Assistant Group Leader, Farms and Clustered Systems Group
Lead of Computing Farms Team