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RE: [Condor-users] Condor on Windows 2003 Server

> No.  There is nothing bad in any of the event logs, except the couple
> times I killed the condor_master process.  One thing I didn't mention
> I'm not able to stop the condor process/service using the 'services'
> control panel.  I have to use the task manager and kill the 
> condor_master.exe process.  Then I am able to start the condor service

> using the 'services' control panel.
> I have left condor_master running for an hour now, and I have some
> information in my logs.  I actually have a SchedLog now, and
> seems to be running.  There are lots of errors though.  I have
> all 4 files that are currently in my condor/log dir.

I'm not sure about this error:
7/19 12:20:25 WinFirewall: get_CurrentProfile failed: 0x800706d9

But the other ones like this: 
7/19 12:20:25 d:\Condor\bin\condor_collector: Cannot execute

are because the collector is really named condor_collector.exe.  It's
very strange that the filename is wrong.  Most of the other errors are
because nothing can talk to the collector because it doesn't exist.  I'd

- Rename COLLECTOR, NEGOTIATOR, etc to end with .exe
- Turn on at least D_FULLDEBUG for your daemons (ALL_DEBUG =
- Consider D_ALL for the master (MASTER_DEBUG = D_ALL), although you may
be overwhelmed by log info.

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