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Re: [Condor-users] condor on AMD 64

Whilst condor on x86_64 does "work" under 64 bit, there are a number of problems which often occur in the transition. Certainly under windows I have noted the following problems:

- loadavg thread died instantly
- condor_master often won't die on service stop 
- checkpointing may not work?
- image sizes are reported incorrectly
- memory size is reported incorrectly (though this affects 32bit to be fair)

Yes it works. Would I commit 50 odd machines to it? Err ... not unless I was forced to!


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Olivier Ricou wrote:
> Hi,
>  I work with astrophysists who need Condor even if they didn't know
> it. Now that I explained them they want it but all their computers
> are 64 bits under Linux (Opteron). I could not see binaries for this 
> OS, do you expect to provide them soon ?
> Olivier.

It doesn't appear that that platform is supported yet.

But based on my familiarity with 64-bit Linux you should be able to run 32-bit 
binaries side-by-side with 64-bit ones if you have a properly compiled kernel 
and the right libraries (don't ask me how to configure this, though).  Thus, I 
don't see why you couldn't run 32-bit Condor with 64-bit jobs (at the very least 
vanilla environment jobs).

This is supported by the mailing list traffic:

"If you're not going to use checkpointing, you could probably use the dynamic 
Redhat 9 binaries for IA32 and it should just work. "

Unfortunately, though this poor fellow reports that his "Starter died with a 
SEGFAULT" - I presume on his 64-bit Opteron systems.

The short answer is "I don't know," but it appears as if people are running 
Condor on 64-bit machines.

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