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[Condor-users] Permissions problem when running jobs in XP


We have recently set up a condor pool consisting of 2 Linux boxes (RH9) and 1 Windows (XP)  box.
One of the Linux boxes is the Central Manager and the other 2 have the MASTER, STARTD and SCHEDD
daemon's running on them. Running jobs among the linux boxes work fine.

Now when we run the example printname.bat job on the XP box, the job gets assigned to the windows machine,
but after a few seconds it gives up. All the machine have the same common user. Here's what i found in the StarterLog:

7/27 19:41:11 Using config file: C:\Condor\condor_config
7/27 19:41:11 Using local config files: C:\Condor/condor_config.local
7/27 19:41:11 DaemonCore: Command Socket at <>
7/27 19:41:11 Setting resource limits not implemented!
7/27 19:41:11 Starter communicating with condor_shadow <>
7/27 19:41:11 Submitting machine is "magnum.optena.com"
7/27 19:41:11 UNABLE TO SET PERMISSIONS ON EXECUTE DIRECTORY7/27 19:41:11 Failed to initialize JobInfoCommunicator, aborting
7/27 19:41:11 Unable to start job.
7/27 19:41:11 **** condor_starter (condor_STARTER) EXITING WITH STATUS 1

I tried chaging the permission of the execute directory. It had Read-only attribute (greyed out) by default.
I am unable to change that. Is it a permission problem at all?