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RE: [Condor-users] Command Case Sensitivity on Windows

> CONDOR_STATUS works for me in mixed case, but CONDOR_RECONFIG does not.
> It's my assumption that some commands, like CONDOR_RECONFIG actually call
> CONDOR.EXE using some command line parsing.  As a result, they pass the
> uppercase version of themselves to the CONDOR.EXE binary.

Very, very close.  On Unix, condor_on, condor_off, condor_reconfig, etc etc are all hard links to the 'condor' binary.  On Windows, they're all copies of the 'condor.exe' binary.  This binary examines its own name (argv[0]) and figures out what to do.  If it's named 'condor', then it looks at the first argument and uses that.  So 'condor_on' and 'condor on' are interpreted as the exact same thing; you'll just be using a different copy of the binary.

Given Condor's Unix background, this is of course all case sensitive.  'condor_ON' is interpreted as 'condor ON' which isn't the same thing as 'condor on'.  :-)  You're right, this isn't typical Windows behavior.

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> I also understand that arguments are interpreted by the binary.  While
> they CAN be case sensitive, it is atypical behavior on Windows.  So I was
> only including it for the sake of completeness.
> I believe I first noticed this behavior on Condor 6.6.5 but all my
> machines currently run 6.6.10.  The behavior is exhibited on Windows XP
> Professional with SP2 although I first noticed it on SP1.
> -Bryan
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> > Has anyone noticed that the Condor commands are case sensitive on
> Windows?
> No, I hadn't because they are not case-sensitive. Calling binaries is an
> OS thing, not a condor thing. I can call my condor binaries with mixed
> case, or all one case without any problems on my XP Pro machines:
> D:\5.0\sp1\quartus>CONDOR_STATUS
> Name          OpSys       Arch   State      Activity   LoadAv Mem
> ActvtyTime
> vm1@ttc-iches LINUX       INTEL  Owner      Idle       0.000   503
> 0+09:21:50
> vm2@ttc-iches LINUX       INTEL  Owner      Idle       0.000   503
> 0+09:21:51
> vm1@ttc-sunde SOLARIS28   SUN4u  Unclaimed  Idle       0.000  1024
> 0+00:27:11
> 	...snip...
> > I can understand how the command argument to condor.exe could be
> > case sensitive, but I'm confused as to how CONDOR_CONFIG.exe could
> > be.  I also noticed that most of commands are case sensitive in
> > some way.  For example, condor_status -long works but condor_status
> > -LONG does not.
> In the case of an command line argument to the binary, case sensitivity is
> to be expected as interpreting command line arguments is left to the
> binary and however it was coded by the Condor team. In this case they've
> opted for case-sensitive options (so that -c and -C can be different
> commands). But binary calling semantics are handled by the OS (and the
> shell as well, which in Windows is cmd.exe).
> Which Windows version are you using? Which version of cmd.exe are you
> using as your shell on Windows? Maybe that has something to do with it. I
> don't run Win2003 but perhaps that has case-sensitive file improvements in
> it that XP did not...
> - Ian
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