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RE: [Condor-users] WinXP - Condor 6.6.9 - Condor_Store_Cred problems

I've found some trial and error necessary.
I found that each machine's condor_config file had to have the VM1_USER.
And that user CAN NOT be logged in at the time it's trying to run.
I also found I've had to make sure the machine is in read write list or store creditials itself just fails.
The user's manual is helpful but one has to closely reread some sections a few times and with some experimentation
things come to light.
I've seen most of this info in the mailing list which has been very helpful.

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Ok, so I have adjusted sooo many settings in the config files to try and get this right, and still I have nothing.  My goal is to allow any user to submit jobs to the remote schedd running on a manager machine.  I have set the VM1_USER = domain\Condor as well as set SOFT_UID_DOMAIN = True and TRUST_UID_DOMAIN=True.  My problem is that the pool will only process jobs that have been submitted using the domain\Condor account.  Any other jobs give me this error in the ShadowLog log:


6/7 18:10:22 Initializing a VANILLA shadow

6/7 18:10:22 (150.1) (3916): ERROR: Could not locate credential for user ‘user@domain’

6/7 18:10:22 (150.1) (3916): init_user_ids() failed!

6/7 18:10:22 (150.1) (3916): ERROR: Could not locate credential for user ‘user@domain’

6/7 18:10:22 (150.1) (3916): init_user_ids() failed!

6/7 18:10:22 (150.1) (3916): ERROR "set_user_priv() failed!" at line 400 in file ..\src\condor_c++_util\uids.C


I have used condor_store_cred on each machine in the pool for the domain\Condor account. 

I am trying to get Condor to stop trying to verify that the submitting user is indeed a member of the domain.  The domain\Condor user has full administrative rights and should be fine for running anything that is submitted with its own credentials.  Please someone tell me how I might disable this feature. 


Thanks so much in advance!



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