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RE: [Condor-users] CondorView Java Applet Errors

Hello all - a while back I saw some emails go past about problems with
CondorView.  Things like

> > When we try and view the graph pages however only the graph
> > box outline shows up, and only the titles for the tables show
> > up, no data.

Turns out, I had the same sort of problems.  I was able to find the root
cause, though.  With my pool setup, I had CONDOR_CONFIG set as the
location of my global condor_config file.  (I didn't like /etc/condor or
~condor).  The problem is that the 'make_stats' script didn't know about
this CONDOR_CONFIG environment variable because it was being run by

When make_stats was run, it was invoking make_machine_stats.
make_machine_stats was calling condor_stats, which failed because it
couldn't find CONDOR_CONFIG.  Instead of complaining, the script exited
with status 0 on line 72.  The same goes for the make_user_stats script,
also on line 72.  (Ahhh, cut-and-paste...)  

The result was things seemed like they were running, but weren't.

The fix is simple.  In make_stats, around line 33, add

# Set CONDOR_CONFIG so that condor tools can find the global
# config file

and then a few lines down, just below the 'export PATH' line, add


After doing this, my scripts started running normally.

Hey Condor Team:  you may want to fix this. :-)

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