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[Condor-users] Condor 6.7.8

We quietly released Condor 6.7.8 at the end of last week - sorry for
not getting a notice out to the mailing lists earlier. This is relatively
small release for Condor - it was mostly that we had some bug fixes piled 
up that we wanted to get out. There are two new big features in 6.7.8: 
DAGMan can now process multiple DAGs in one DAGMan process, and in
the standard universe there is now a performance enhancement for jobs
that make heavy use of the the 'local_files' setting.

If you're using DAGMan or the Grid universe of Condor, you probably want to 
upgrade to 6.7.8. Otherwise, this is not a pressing upgrade and you might
want to wait for 6.7.9, probably in early July. There is also a 6.6.10
in the very near future.

The Version History can be found here: 

Thanks, and we hope to enjoy 6.7.8!

--The Condor Team