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AW: [Condor-users] Central Manager Specifications

>	Just a general question as regards the computing requirements of a
Central Manager for Condor. 
>	Are there any special requirements, hardware-wise, for the central
manager of a condor pool. 
>	i.e. speed, ram, hard disk, etc. My understanding is that nothing
"special" is required, so long 
>	as it is a decent machine capable of running it's chosen OS with no
>	Are there any scalability issues, for example, if the pool was
increased from 100 to say an 
>	unlikely size of 10,000? 


The Condor Manual says in

"Also consider network traffic and your network layout when choosing your
central manager. All the daemons send updates (by default, every 5 minutes)
to this machine. Memory requirements for the central manager differ by the
number of machines in the pool. A pool with up to about 100 machines will
require approximately 25 Mbytes of memory for the central manager's tasks. A
pool with about 1000 machines will require approximately 100 Mbytes of
memory for the central manager's tasks. A faster CPU will improve the time
to do matchmaking."