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[Condor-users] Using condor to update condor

This is more for Windows installations, where shared binaries are
impossible to deploy (or are they?). It would be pretty cool if there
was a way, say from the central machine (for security of course), to
push out new condor binaries to all the machines in the system using
Condor itself to do the job. I can't see running this as a regular job
since the jobs likely won't have the permissions required to overwrite
existing binaries. There would need to be a way for Condor itself to
grab and install the binaries as SYSTEM (or root, but since Unix/Linux
installs can used shared FS for the binaries this feature seems less

A command akin to the condor_reconfig -all -- only it'd be
condor_redeploy -all.

Anyone out there trying something like this?

- Ian